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Thompson Building Materials premiered by Ken Thompson in 1962 at the (then) rural Southern California city of Tustin, roughly 35 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. Thompson’s single socket has grown eightfold since then.

Thompson Building Materials

As the business grew so did its own offerings. Demand increased and more and more footage has been committed to showcase the number of construction materials that architects, contractors, contractors, architects and designers requested.

Countless brick options. Thousands of rock and miles of feet of pavers. And, if this is not sufficient, Thompsons’ staff will discover just what you want. With space during the southland, rest assured and over a thousand square feet of lawn, Thompsons has everything you want.

Thompson Building Materials pursuit of excellence remains an aim now. When negotiating for construction materials excellence, and excellence for each and every Thompson client in respect and respect.

Thompson Building Materials are the building materials source in Southern California for homeowner, builder, contractor and your designer. We also have included our Design Showroom to let you find the use of substances on the interior.

Come by today and see why we constantly say, “We provide your requirement!”

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Services Offered

Thompson Building Materials offer one of a type fire-pits, construction materials like rock & stone pavers, masonry, venetian plaster precast stone water characteristics, and all kinds of material requirements. We also have a layout showroom armed with on team members and hand designers to answer some of your style requirements.