Home Improvement Contractor License NY

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Home Improvement Contractor License Ny

If you would like to work on repairing, remodeling or construction of residential properties or buildings in the state of New York, obtaining a Home Improvement Contractor License NY is an essential legal step. Obtaining licensed is needed by state authorities to guarantee that contractors are safe and qualified to do business with.

The typical activities covered under the license include repairing, replacing or constructing garages, patios, porches, fences, sidewalks, driveways, swimming pools and much like home improvements.

As other kinds of contractors, home improvement contractors will need to fulfill a range of criteria, in order that they are allowed to operate. One of the significant licensing requirements is providing a security in the form of a trust fund or a contractors license bond.

The way to go about obtaining your Home Improvement Contractor License NY? Let us take a good look at the licensing conditions and program under.

The Home Improvement Contractor License NY requirements

Much like any other licensing procedure for builders, New York home improvement contractors need to exhibit their professional experience and business know-how before they’re permitted to operate in the state.

The most important requirements considered when you apply for a license include:

  • Proof of business and home address
  • Sales Tax ID or Certificate of Authority Application Confirmation Number
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance Information
  • Employees list
  • Contractual Compliance Agreement
  • Home improvement bond or trust fund
  • Fingerprints (for a sole proprietor, general partner, corporate officer, member or shareholder with over 10% inventory)

Furthermore, if you are a sole proprietor, general partner, corporate officer, member or shareholder with over 10 percent stake, you have to take the Home Improvement Exam handled by the DCA Licensing Center. You have to answer correctly at least 21 of the 30 questions. The exam fee is $50. Make sure to finish the examination within 30 days of submitting your certification application.

Completing the program

When you have got all necessary documents, the next step is thoroughly filling in the Basic Individual License Application. The form includes information about the applicant, mailing address, child support certificate, as well as a list of history questions.

Depending on the date when you make an application for a permit, you might pay a smaller fee as the licensing period runs from February 28th of the odd year to the same date in the next odd year.

Getting your house improvement bond

One of the chief requirements for obtaining your New York home improvement contractor license is presented to the Department of Consumer Affairs a form of security, which is either a trust fund or a home improvement bond. Let’s look at the more favored option of security, i.e. The home improvement bond.

Home improvement contractors are the sole New York builders who should get a surety bond in the sum of $20,000. It is needed by the state to be able to ensure that contractors will fulfill their duties. In this way, it functions as a safety net for your clients that you will complete your work dutifully.

To obtain your bond, you have to pay just a small percent of the bail amount, which is normally between 1%-3%. A simple calculation proves that you might wind up paying only $200-$600 to the home improvement bond. When you submit a complete bond application, your surety will calculate your exact surety bond price on the basis of the perceived risk in getting you endured.