Bank Of America Home Improvement Loan

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Bank Of America Home Improvement Loan

Bank Of America Home Improvement Loan

Bank of America is a multinational banking and financial institution that operates mainly in the United States. The headquarters of Bank of America has been placed in the city of Charlotte, in North Carolina, United States. Since the company’s foundation, Bank of America has obtained a number of other institutions throughout the country. Bank Of America Home Improvement Loan

Should you wish to become additional information that the one supplied within this post, you can contact Bank of America by dialing out their customer service line for the product that you want to know more about. Another choice is visiting a local division; branches are situated in almost each state in the country. You can find each of their locations on the lender’s site,

Bank of America provides an impressive assortment of goods which range of banking products, such as savings and checking accounts, credit card, debit cards, certificates of deposit, online banking and mobile banking, and financial products too.

Bank of America offers auto loans, mortgages, and lines of credit. Next, we’re going to cover the borrowing products that clients from Bank of America can employ to if they are willing to make home repairs or improvements. Bank Of America Home Improvement Loan

When it comes to making home improvements, we could say that the best alternative for this intention, if not the sole one, is the Home Equity Line of Credit, most commonly called home equity or just HELOC. Now let’s go over home equity lines in detail.

Home Equity Line of Credit

Using a Home Equity merchandise, you can have access to the cash you need right now by using your property as collateral. If you’ve already been able to buy your home or even when you are still paying for this, but the name is under your name, you are able to use your house to secure a revolving line of credit from Bank of America and have access to ready cash to start renovating or repairing your home. This process is exactly what banks call using your house as collateral to secure the lending goods and make the money available.

The very first requirement, of course, would be to get a home to use as security. You can use your primary residence or a secondary or vacation home.

The rest of the requirements are very similar to the prerequisites for the rest of the borrowing goods, which include evidence of your private data, financial situation along with information about your present job and employer. You could be asked to hand in copies of your wages and bank statements along with well as contact info of your present company.


At Bank of America, interest is paid only on the quantity of money you draw rather than on the whole quantity line. Bank Of America Home Improvement Loan

Rates may be fixed or variable; with a variable rate, your APR will vary depending after certain periods of time. Fixed rates are always secure for the entire length of the line of credit. There are also some options that combine both kinds, fixed and changeable in the exact same line of charge.

Rates are also different in each country so that you should check for the current speed in the state where you reside.

Some discounts on rates include a 0.25% discount on your home equity line of credit rate, which can be accessed by setting up monthly automatic payments from your checking or saving account at Bank of America.

Now, let us see some specific cases that will sort of guide you as how cheap or expensive rates could be. As an instance, if we choose the state of Alabama, we will get a current rate of 3.20%. On the other hand, if we proceed to the state of New York, we can find a minimal rate of interest of 4.20%. Similarly, at the event of Florida, borrowers considering a house equity line of credit have to pay a minimum rate of interest of around 4.05 percent. It’s essential to highlight that these prices for home equity products are calculated assuming that the creditors has a good credit history and also a stable and great financial situation; if that isn’t your case, you might choose to consult with a local agent to see rates for your particular circumstance.

Home Equity Calculator

Bank of America has made readily available for the customers a very useful tool you could always consult. The Online Home Equity Calculator is an online tool that can provide you an estimate of the total amount of money you can borrow, the interest rates you will need to pay, the speed options available for you (fixed or variable) and the quantity of the monthly payments if you choose to take out the line of charge. You merely have to present some details that include: the worth of your house, the type of home (main or secondary), the quantity of money you need and the zip code of this house. After you introduce all that, the machine will provide you with an estimate and the best part is that you can check it out using different quantity and get different options. Bank Of America Home Improvement Loan

Application Process and Further Questions

If you want to know more about home equity products, prices, discounts or requirements to make improvements to your home, you can get in touch with the home equity client line. The amount of the home equity client support line is 1 866 290 4674. Applications can be started on the telephone, online or at a nearby branch. It’s always advisable to go to a local branch and get advice from a lending specialist prior to embarking on a line of credit.